Soosh ” Habitat mix ” Mp3

お馴染み、グラスゴー在住のビート・クリエイター/プロデューサー Soosh のミックス。

Habitat- Soosh mix by Soosh

■ Tracklist—
Sotus- Close the door
Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross- Blacks (shlohmo remix)
Bambooman- movements
xx- basic space( mount kimbie remix)
Nocow – now i know
Balam acab – see bird
Sotus- With you
Fedbymachines – Would i
Soosh – Us (jameszoo remix)
James Blake – air and lack thereof
Phanes- Lucky woman
Oddlogic – Incisor
Shlohmo- Couch ( soosh lovers remix)
Leila – mettle
Soosh – speechless (kelpe remix)
Soosh – rainbow hiccups ( lapalux remix)
Crumb brothers – 20 seat in the kingdom
Ice cube and Dmx – we be clubbing ( danaet reclub)
Infinite potential- Lovesong
Lapalux- The trigger
Helios- halving the compass
Nathan fake- long sunny




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